Touring Japan Days 7-8 Osaka

Osaka, Japan


Hotel Garden Palace & Kansai Airport Spa, Izumisano

This hotel was super nice and a great place to end our trip to Japan as well as relax before heading to China. I chose a hotel not far from the Kansai Airport. The hotel had a restaurant, breakfast buffet, onsen, spa area, sauna, and free airport shuttle. We arrived to the hotel and went to the onsen. After soaking, I went to the foot soak, and massage chairs. I never found the sauna. Apparently the sauna was through a door that I was afraid to go through. I really need to learn to read Japanese. I went to the onsen right after we arrived and again after dinner. There was no complimentary private hour option at this hotel but thankfully no one else chose to visit the onsen at the same time as me.  The rooms were small and most of the hotel was not super fancy, but I did not mind with an onsen and other amenities like these.

Restaurants & Food

We had a great dinner and breakfast at our hotel. Everything was delicious. Dinner and breakfast were not included but both meals were high quality and not too expensive.

We did wander down the street to a Doutor after dinner for a cup of coffee and piece of cake. I think the cake was baumkuchen which is a German style cake that is popular in Japan. But other than our coffee shop trip, we did not venture out.

One Day Itinerary

Day 7 (Day of Arrival)

-Onsen and Spa

Day 8

-Check Out Of Hotel

-Leave For Jinan, China


Osaka Hotel Exterior and Pool Copyright © Expedia

Osaka Hotel Onsen Copyright © Destina

Osaka Hotel Spa Copyright © Trip Advisor










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